Vote for the next Evanescence's lyric Video NOW!

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According to a post from the Evanescence's official facebook page, the band is gonna make another one lyric video for one song, with the help of the fans. The band for the time beeing is asking from all the fans to vote , in order to chose the song.
The two choices, are the both wonderfull songs:
  1. The Change
  2. Made Of Stone
You can vote , tweeting at @evanescence using the hashtags #thechange and #madeofstone for "The change'" and "Made of Stone" respectively. The vote ends on  June 6th , and on that day, all the fans are gonna be given all the details about how they will participate in the makinf of the lyric video. You can see the full post of the band below, as well as the other alreasy existing lyric videos of the band below. And don't forget to VOTE!