Exclusive Q+A with drummer of Evanescence Will Hunt

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Amy's Army and Evteam Greece followers!!! Will Hunt answered the questions YOU asked and we have the pleasure to share them with you finally!! Thank you to everybody for participating and for your support, we'll keep doing interesting things like that for you!! Let's keep the Army growing and making it better and better! Here you go:

I want to preface this Q+A by saying thank you for the interest and continued support. I want to make it clear that by me answering these questions that in no way shape or form does this imply that anything is happening in the EV camp. I want to make sure no one gets the wrong idea. Its not my place or right to talk about those things. Thanks! -Will

1)Hi Will!! if you could choose only 5 places to play with evanescence and only 5 songs in each concert, which are those places and which are those songs?? (by Antonis Kap)Answer- Paris, Fiji, Cancun, Morocco, and of course Athens.Songs- Going Under, The Otherside, The Change, Weight of the World, Made of Stone

2)What does evanescence mean to you? Describe every member of Ev with one word.(by Thanos Leftheriotis and Nikos WD)Answer- Evanescence to me is a name thats bigger than any single person and just means great music and culture. Ev is its own entity. As for one word for everyone- Harmonious

3)What's your favorite part of being on a tour-bus with all the Ev members?(by Αγγελική Εβανς)Answer- We all get along, we have fun together, its very easy to co-habitate.

4)How did u first react when Amy asked u to become evanescence's new drummer? Did you like their music before you join the band ?(by Αθηνά Μπιρμπίλη)Answer-Obviously I was elated! I very much liked what the band was doing and thought that what they did with the 2nd album, The Open Door, was ambitious and cool because they didnt make Fallen part 2, but something new, just like we did with the self titled Evanescence album.

5)Would you like having someone to teach so he will continue the style of drumming/showmanship that u've created?(by Grey Hunt)Answer- Obviously yes! I'm teaching people now via skype!! Message me on my page if you're interested!!

6)While years passing by, how will you react when u discover some young''famous'' drummer who completely reminds of you ?(by Grey Hunt)Answer- Im already seeing that. There are some really great new drummers out there. Its awesome that there are drummers that continue to raise the bar and push the envelope.

7)The last album had some pretty heavy songs like ''Sick ''and ''Never Go Back'' ..Have you ever thought about turning into even more dark and heavier sound as band ?(by Nikos WD)Answer- I'm personally game for pushing the boundaries in all directions, including the "dark and heavy", but I would be just as inspired if it got pushed more electronically or whatever. I just love to create music with other inspiring musicians, whether in EV or any of the other various projects I'm involved with.

8)Did you like Evanescence before becoming the new drummer? If so, which was your favorite song/album?(by Leo Villaverde)Answer- Yes, I believe I kind of answered that above. I really enjoyed Sweet Sacrifice and Weight of the World from The Open Door. I though Call Me When You're Sober was a great single as well.

9)On September you tweeted "@evf4ns One of my favorites. Part of what I'm filming + tracking is an instructional video of how to play ”Never Go Back”....stay tuned!!". Are you still gonna release the video??? If so, how long would it take?(by Grigoris Thanasoulas)Answer- Yes, I plan to share that with people, but theres some work to be done still on it and I've been quite busy, but, soon!