[NEW] Amy Lee Discusses About Evanescence 4th album!!!

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Amy Lee Discusses Forthcoming Evanescence Album
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Evanescence may be mired in legalities with its former record company, but that's not keeping Amy Lee from plotting the group's fourth album.
Lee tells us that she's coming through leftovers from 2011's "Evanescence" as well as coming up with fresh material for the group:

"I definitely have a lot of songs and ideas and things we haven't shared yet and I still believe in them, so...you may still get your chance to hear all that stuff...I really only get into that mode when I'm home and finally separated from the chaos of a public life."
"Evanescence" debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 but sold considerably less than its two predecessors.
Lee recently filed suit against Wind-Up Records for $1.5 million in owed royalties, and the suit also alleges that the label undermined the success of the band's self-titled 2011 album by among other things employing deficient independent promoters to work the set.
Wind-Up recently sold Evanescence's back catalog and no longer lists the group as one of its active artists.